Family Counseling will be scheduled in coordination with the referring agency and the Clinical Director of Ascend Behavioral Health and Wellness, LLC.

Emphasis of family counseling will be on the current issues and progress of the client and to help identify the outward events which increase or precipitate problem behaviors for the client and their family.

Our desired outcome shall be to teach the family how to re-evaluate reactions to situations, form new attitudes and new behaviors. Family support is an important part of achieving long-term recovery. For this reason, we involve a client’s family in the treatment process whenever possible. We help heal broken relationships and educate the family about how to help their loved one throughout and after the treatment process.

We also host a family program every 6 weeks that consists of educational components, experiential groups, and individual sessions. As our clients heal, it is necessary for families to heal as well. This program gives families the ability to understand addiction, mend relationships, increase effective communication, and learn to set healthy boundaries.