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  1. To Whom It May Concern, Hello, my name is Ladelle Honeyestewa. I was a client a little while back, and lived at Cloud house.I left the program in November2019. I truly appreciate all the things that they have done for me.Basically Ascend saved my life. I was a heroin addict for at least 20 years, have went to prison twice. Before I went to detox and then Ascend ,I was a very,very messed up person.I had so much inner turmoil and anger.I hated myself for so long. At first it was a little tricky because I didn’t really believe that these people could do anything for me. But slowly,I began to learn coping skills, learned how to interact with normal people. I want to mention the little workbooks that we worked on daily,that taught me so much. Taught me healthy boundaries and also worked on self esteem. I want to also thank Dr.Underwood, he helped me with so much.I know I should. have written this to Ascend a long time ago, to say thank you. I am trying to help my oldest daughter Rosanna and see if there is any way she could get help from Ascend.She finally was ready to try and get help.And she believes me when I told her that you guys could really help her.So I guess what I am trying to ask if there any way she can or what are the steps we need to take for her to be considered for your program.I truly believe your program would help her.My email address is or my phone number is 480/586/1362 .I am hoping that there can be a solution and thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely.Ladelle Honeyestewa.

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