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Treatment PLANS

Ascend Behavioral Health and Wellness, LLC goals are to provide services in the least restrictive environment from crisis to...

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Program GOALS

Recognizing each client has a unique story, each treatment plan is tailored to meet individual needs.

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Population SERVED

Ascend Behavioral Health and Wellness, LLC will serve adult s males and females (18+). All clients will be assessed for admissions...

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Group Counseling

a familyInteractive group therapy sessions focus on topics such as:

  • disease concept education
  • spirituality
  • trauma
  • cognitive distortions
  • coping skills
  • relapse prevention
  • self-esteem
  • stress management
  • anger management
  • codependency
  • communication skills
  • defense mechanisms
  • goal-setting
  • family systems

Each client will receive a minimum of two group counseling sessions per week, a minimum of 60 minutes per session, with emphasis on positive peer interaction and group discussion. Topic(s) are driven by treatment plan issues and goals, and education on a variety of themes.

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